Welcome to my site!

I am a children’s book illustrator and a science communicator. Having lived in Poland, Germany, Denmark and Thailand, I now call Australia home.

Curious is the best word to describe me.

I like to travel to dusty, faraway places and then return to my studio and channel these discoveries into my illustrations. In my illustrations, I endeavour to create energetic characters who are a little naughty and in awe of the wonderfully rich world around us - the best type of companion to take on adventures!

I have over ten years of experience in children’s character illustration and have been involved in kids’ product design, graphic novels, animation, graphic design and e-publishing. I also work for Scitech, (a Perth based science-centre), travelling across Western Australia delivering fun and hands-on science programs to children of all ages.

However my dream has always been to make and illustrate children’s books.

Equipped with an Arts Degree from Curtin University, an Honours degree in Quantum Physics from ANU and a backpack full of experiences, I am currently trekking bravely towards this dream.

This year alone will see three published books with my illustrations hit the library shelves.